Spring Racing Carnival


The Spring Racing Carnival is nearly upon us, and it's time
to embrace the excitement, elegance, and fashion-forward atmosphere that accompanies this prestigious event.

SACHA DRAKE is here to be your go-to guide, offering expert advice on what to wear to each racing event.

From Derby Day to Cox Plate and the iconic Melbourne Cup, we have the perfect ensembles to ensure
you shine on every race day.

ladies day

Traditionally ladies day was when women were given free or discounted tickets, however now it's where the worlds of fashion and horse racing collide.

Ladies day calls for the most colourful outfits in the racing season that are elegant and appropriate whilst dressing to impress.

High fashion hats and fascinators are a must to adorn carefully curated outfits. This makes for a vibrant and stylish atmosphere at the racecourse. Select a headpiece that complements your outfit and adds a touch of glamour. Hats with a wide brim or intricate designs are always a popular choice.

Just remember to keep your dressing to the guidelines, no midriffs on display and playsuits are generally not allowed along with denim and shorts.

We love the My Lady Loves me Midi dress for the perfect trackside style.

Cox Plate: Texture and Sophistication

Cox Plate is a race day where you can infuse your outfit with textures and vibrant colors, showcasing your personal style while maintaining a sophisticated allure.

Stay on-trend by selecting dresses or separates with intricate details, bold prints, or rich hues. Consider luxurious fabrics like lace, velvet, or
metallic accents to add a touch of glamour.

Complement your ensemble with eye-catching accessories, such as statement hats or fascinators, to complete your look with finesse.

The Stargaze Wrap Dress is the perfect mix of vibrant colour and shimmery hues for the ultimate standout style.

Derby Day: Classic Black and White Elegance

Derby Day sets the tone for the Spring Racing Carnival,
where the timeless combination of black and white takes centre stage.

To exude sophistication and style, opt for chic monochrome designs or a singular black or white piece. Explore our collection of race ready dresses and separates that will make a striking statement.

Enhance your look with elegant accessories such as black or white fascinators and statement head pieces.

The Wonderland Wrap Dress is the perfect look for that black and silvery white monochrome perfection.

Melbourne Cup Day: Glamorous and unforgettable

The Melbourne Cup, known as the "Race That Stops The
Nation," is the pinnacle of the Spring Racing Carnival.

This event calls for glamorous and unforgettable ensembles that leave a lasting impression.

Embrace your individuality by opting for bold prints, vibrant colours, and statement accessories. Our collection features exquisite dresses, jumpsuits, and separates designed to make you feel like a winner.

Elevate your look with coordinated fascinators, headpieces, or standout hats that capture attention and showcase your unique style.

We love the Hanworth House Dress for its elegance and vibrant hue, the perfect blend of poise and vibrancy for a prestigious racing event.


Elevate your Spring Racing Carnival experience with SACHA DRAKE's exquisite race day outfits.

From Derby Day's black and white elegance to the texture and sophistication of the Cox Plate and the glamorous and
sophisticated Melbourne Cup, we have the perfect ensembles to ensure you back a winner on and off the track.

With our meticulously designed dresses and
separates, you can look and feel your best, embracing the excitement and style of the Spring Racing Carnival.

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