With so many fabulous racing events on the calendar it can be a bit confusing if you’re not that familiar with the terms,
especially with a theme such as ladies’ day.

We are here to help explain what ladies’ day is all about, and most
importantly, how to dress for such a prestigious racing occasion.


As much as the name suggests, ladies’ day is not just for women.

The term Ladies’ Day dates back to 1823 when an anonymous poet described the Thursday of that year's Royal Ascot as “Ladies’ Day… when the women, like angels, look sweetly divine.” Traditionally it was also day when women were given free or discounted tickets to attend the racing festivities.

Most racing seasons will host a ladies’ day race day so be sure to get the girls (and guys) together and check your local racing calendar for when to attend.


The main difference from ladies’ day to other race days is that women compete for to be the best dressed.

Fashions on the Field is a huge event for ladies’ day which calls for the most colourful outfits in the racing season that are elegant and appropriate. Whilst it’s not a requirement to enter, it does elevate the overall fashion atmosphere and trackside style.

There are usually strict guidelines to be followed for racing days, be sure to keep outfits elegant, and shoes comfortable. Keep dresses to a midi or knee length and avoid cut out or midriff styles. Extravagant fascinators, stylish hats and embellished dresses all come together to create the perfectly finished ladies’ day trackside style. Tailored suits and jumpsuits are also more modern and popular choices for the day.

The racing trend forecast for 2023 includes ruffles, rosettes, tassels and bows with shades of yellow, lime, purple, lilac blue and pink.


High fashion hats and fascinators are a must to adorn carefully curated outfits. This makes for a vibrant and stylish atmosphere at the racecourse. It can be hard to know how to match your fascinator back with your outfit, but we have some tips to help you out.

look at the colours in the garment you will be wearing, if it’s printed, chose one or two colours from the print and search for a fascinator with a combination of these colours. Further match your shoes and accessories to this palette also for a head-to-toe chic look.

If you are wearing a block colour, then you might want to add a statement pop of colour such as a bright hue into your fascinator for a more striking look.

Hats with a wide brim or intricate designs are always a popular choice. These also match back with just about anything and are a sun safe option for the day.


It can be hard to know what accessories to pair back with your ladies’ day outfit, especially as large fascinators and embellished outfits can steal the show.

Keep jewelled earrings tonal and match hardware to the hues of your outfit. If your outfit has a lot of warmer gold/ brown tones then you might wish to opt for gold hardware, whilst cooler grey and navy tones can be complemented with silver.


In conclusion Ladies Day really is a race day that you can have a lot of fun with.

Don’t be afraid to put together outfits with bold colour and intricate details for the ultimate trackside perfection.

Whether you’re an experienced punter, or this year is your maiden start, you’re sure to get caught up in the glitz and glamour
and excitement of a ladies’ day racing event.

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