Hit Refresh

Its time to assess the wardrobe

Feeling refreshed after the holidays? Well now it’s time to give that wardrobe a refresh to match.
Take a moment to evaluate your wardrobe objectively. How much of it are you truly wearing? Identify the pieces that have been
neglected and consider why. This self-reflection is the first step in giving your wardrobe a
new purpose and ensuring that every item in it serves you well.

Clearing out the excess baggage

The term less is more can definitely be applied to your wardrobe.

When you see many things hanging that don’t fit or look right, it can make you feel like you don’t have anything to wear. Removing these styles can instantly make you feel that you have much more to wear and makes it easier to get dressed each morning.

Here are some tips for streamlining your wardrobe:

1) Try everything on- although tedious, its essential to see what fits and feels comfortable.
2) Keep items that reflect who you are today, and not who you used to be.
3) If you put something on and don’t instantly love it, its time to donate or resell.

Quality Over Quantity

As you refresh your wardrobe, prioritize quality over quantity.

Invest in timelesspieces that withstand changing trends and promise longevity. Quality items not only elevate your style but also contribute to a more sustainable and conscious approach to fashion consumption.

Try asking yourself, will this item be in my wardrobe in 5 years’ time. If you can honestly answer yes, then it’s a good investment to make. Another great question to ask is if the item has a good resale value or can be sold on Air Robe later to keep the circular fashion movement going.

A Wardrobe injection

Sometimes all It takes to make the wardrobe feel new again is a few classic staples to match back with your existing styles.

The SACHA DRAKE Essentials collection has many fabulous pieces that are not only trans-seasonal, but many are also multi-wear.

Our top 5 styles for an instant new year wardrobe injection The Seamless Pants- These pants have been at the top of bestseller list for over 10 years and its easy to see why. They can be worn to work, dressed up for events, and are super comfortable with their wide leg and jersey fabric.

Zip peplum Jacket- Timeless and chic, this little jacket is perfectly worn over dresses and with pants and skirts.
Available in three colours, its the perfect jacket for on the go.

Reverse Wrap Dress- Every wardrobe needs one of these! Reversible for two looks in one, knee length, stretchy, with the perfect arm coverage and machine washable for easy wear and care. Pop one of these in the wardrobe and you won’t regret it!

Classic Shirt- We challenge you to find an outfit this cannot be worn with. Wear over dresses tied in a knot, with pants and skirts, or even with leisurewear unbuttoned on the weekends. The possibilities are endless.

Analia Top- This little top is reversible, stretchy, a great length, and just all around comfortable. With over 4 colours to choose from, it’s a staple that’s made for everyone.


Hit refresh on your wardrobe and step into the new year with a renewed sense of style and purpose.

Embrace the opportunity to curate a collection that truly resonates with the person you are becoming. Let your wardrobe be a reflection of your individuality, ready to face the adventures and opportunities that the new year has in store.

Cheers to a fashion-forward and purposeful year ahead!

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