The Shape of You


Shopping online can be hard, or even shopping in general.
As women our bodies are constantly changing through life and what once looked fabulous may not necessarily still work now.

Hormones, babies, and lifestyle can just be a few factors that see our bodies change in shape, but this doesn’t have to make clothes shopping daunting.
No matter which stage you’re at, we have all the tools to nail the perfect outfit every time.


Obviously, we know that every body is beautiful, however there are certain styles that can work more with your body rather than against it. The first thing to do is to choose a shape in which you most identify with and then learn how to dress and celebrate your body.


Typically has:
Curvy bust & hips
A narrow waist
Medium width shoulders
Slim or shapely

An hourglass shape is usually very proportionate with hips matching a similar width to the shoulders. This typically means the waist is smaller and can be beautifully accentuated with fitted styles and belts.

We love bodycon styles dresses for an hourglass figure, however A-line styles will also work perfectly for this shape.

The Emporium Maxi Dress (pictuted) is perfect for hourglass shape as shows off a narrow waist and proportionate body.

Click here to view our complete hourglass collection.


Typically Has:
Shoulders & hips the same width
Thicker waist with a flat tummy
Small to medium bust

Column body shapes tend to be like hourglass with proportionate shoulders and hips, but where this body shape will differ is mostly through the waist. Column shapes tend to have a thicker waist which can make fitted waistband styles a little tricky.

Try and opt for fitted things that have stretch through the waist, or loose fit tops with fitted bottoms. Anything that is fitted with flexibility will be your absolute winning ensemble.

We love the Moonshadow Palm Maxi (Pictured) for a column body shape as the stretchy belt makes the waist appear more defined whilst the ease of fit allows for a comfort.

Click here to view our complete column collection.


Typically Has:
Narrow shoulders
A neat bust & waist
Wider hips & curvy thighs

Pear body shapes tend to have hips that are wider than their shoulders which makes the body a little more A-line in shape.

Following in the theme of A-line, styles that are fitted at the waist and then flare out over the hips will be absolutely perfect for a pear body shape. Anything overly fitted should be chosen with care and garments with stretch over the hips will be more ideal.

We love the Tower Square wrap dress (pictured) for for a pear body shape as it has plenty of room through the hips and shows off the waist.

Click here to view our complete pear collection.


Typically Has:
A voluptuous bust
Rounded tummy
Slim hips / thighs.
Undefined Waistline

Apple body shapes tend to be fuller through the midsection and bust with great shapely legs. An undefined waistline can make fitted garments tricky, so opt for fitted garments with stretch, or V-neck blouses and tops with figure hugging pants. This will flatter the torso and bust, and still show off the legs creating a streamlined silhouette.

We love the Natal Blouse and White Jeans for an apple body shape as it hangs loose from the bust which minimises a tummy and the pants show off the lovely legs.

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Typically Has:

Rounded and growing tummy
Larger Bust
Expanding Waistline

Every pregnant body grows differently, however the by the third trimester most tummy’s will have popped to accommodate the growing bub.

Dresses that fall from the bust with lots of room over the tummy and hips will be comfortable and not restrict a growing body. Fitted Stretchy dresses also look fantastic as they will give the flexibility of fit through the body and will still
give you shape everywhere else.

We love the Maddison Maxi Dress (pictured) on a pregnant bodyshape for its ease of fit and stretch for comfort. If youwant to add a maternity bra for extra support then wear a shirt over t he top for extra coverage and day wear.

Click here to view our complete pregnant collection.

Outfits for every body

The Majority of of our garments can be worn across multiple shapes, however there’s also many that will embrace all shapes. These styles are usually more flexible in fit and work across many bodies and sizes.

If your still unsure about your shape or would like any more information then please dont hesitate to contact us! we are only to happy to help you find the perfect outfit every time.

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