Decoding the wedding guest dress code can sometimes feel like a daunting task.
However, with our guide, you can confidently navigate through the various wedding dress codes and select the perfect attire for any special occasion.
Whether it's a glamorous black-tie affair, a formal gathering, a vibrant cocktail wedding, or a relaxed smart casual event,
there are options available to suit every style and venue.


Black Tie embodies the pinnacle of formality and is traditionally associated with evening weddings.

Picture elegant ladies mingling in floor-length gowns and gentlemen donning tuxedos with bow ties. For this luxurious affair, opt for dresses that cascade to the ankle or sweep the floor, possibly embellished with feather boleros or sophisticated shawls.

Complement your ensemble with sparkling gems and elegant heels, while keeping accessories to a minimum to let your beautiful dress take center stage! While black and darker hues have traditionally dominated black-tie attire, these days, colors and embellishments are also welcomed, especially for more relaxed outdoor venues.

The SACHA DRAKE Valedictory Dress strikes the perfect balance
of sophistication and sparkle for your next black-tie event.


A formal wedding dress code offers a slightly relaxed version of black tie, yet remains dressier than a cocktail affair.

Floor-length evening gowns are still encouraged; however, you have more flexibility to explore colorful and relaxed styles. If the wedding takes place in a more laid-back setting, no one will bat
an eye if you opt for a cocktail or midi length dress, but ensure it falls below the knee and features a structured silhouette.

In a formal setting, pant suits and jumpsuits are also welcome, so don't shy away from having fun with styles, sequins and vibrant hues.

We love the Emporium Maxi Dress in Sapphire for a formal look for it's timeless appeal and stretch for comfort.


Cocktail weddings generally allow for more flexibility in attire and can be tailored to the venue.

Envision yourself in vibrant, knee-length dresses or floaty jumpsuits for garden weddings or opt for embellished and structured knee-length
dresses for indoor and church weddings.

It's also essential to consider the venue when selecting your shoes; choose thicker heels or wedges for outdoor weddings to avoid sinking into the grass with every step (both your shoes and
the venue will thank you for it!).

We love the Emporium Knee Length Dress in Gold Floral Dress for a cocktail event as the lurex fabric adds glamour and interest for a captivating show-stopping style.


A smart casual dress code falls between cocktail and casual and allows for a more relaxed style.

Take the time of the wedding into consideration when determining your attire. Lighter colors and loose-fit dresses are perfect for daytime weddings with a casual feel.

However, as relaxed as this dress code may be, remember not to venture into the realm of casualness and leave your jeans at home. Pair dresses and jumpsuits with low heels, wedges, or statement flats, particularly for outdoor weddings.

We love the Cloudland Dress for a relaxed wedding as its a dressy style with a relaxed floaty skirt for that easy dress up and down style.

So, RSVP "Yes" to that wedding invitation with confidence, armed with the knowledge of how to decode the dress code. Dress to impress, celebrate with loved ones, and enjoy the joyous atmosphere of the special day. Cheers to love, happiness, and unforgettable memories.

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