Reflecting in STYLE

A year of Adventure with SACHA DRAKE

As we glance back on an incredible year at Sacha Drake, it's evident that 2023 was a fusion of style, innovation,
and sustainable fashion initiatives that truly defined our journey. Reflect with us as we reminisce about a wonderful year filled with fashion and fun.

New Campaign Concepts

Campaigns that took us from serene poolside retreats to bustling cityscapes have now elevated us to new heights.

Among them, a dazzling rooftop shoot after hours, where the city lights became the canvas for showcasing our elegant designs. Undoubtedly, this unique backdrop resulted in breathtaking visual imagery, marking it as one of our favourite campaigns of this year.

Collaborating with industry-leading hair stylists, makeup artists, and photographers has been a privilege. Their expertise not only breathed life into our visions but also crafted moments we cherish and proudly share with all of you. We hope that you have enjoyed these amazing photos and videos as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Sustainable Fashion

This year we partnered with Air Robe and joined the circular fashion movement.

As a brand that values both style and the environment, we were excited to partner with this amazing company that aligns perfectly with our vision for a more sustainable and circular fashion future.

Keeping on the principles of Reduce, reuse and recycle, it keeps clothing in use as long as possible by allowing owners to easily resell through a safe platform, rather than sending them to landfill prematurely.

If Air Robe is something you’ve been meaning to check out then pop on over to and find a community of fashion enthusiasts who value sustainability.

New Partnerships

This year we were excited to partner with some amazing local and international brands that align with the SACHA DRAKE aesthetic and values.

International brands such as Mac Duggal brought us a spectacular range of evening gowns and events-wear ,whilst local brands like Bubish brought a more urban feel with their range of spectacular feathered jackets. 

We also have had the privilege to work with some fantastic accessory brands such as Paula Hall, Adorne and Mariana who have graced us with their precious jewels and accessories. It’s important for us that we can offer our customers a complete look as this saves time and allows a full styling service

Influencers as Family

Our journey this year has intertwined with remarkable influencers who embody our values, showcasing diversity in style and size. Their partnership allows us to exhibit how our garments complement various body types, making fashion inclusive and relatable.

Their creativity, authenticity, and passion for style align seamlessly with our values, making them an integral part of the extended Sacha Drake family. Through their eyes and experiences, our designs are shown from a new perspective, inspiring and resonating with fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

You can explore their unique styles on our Instagram.

Brisbane Fashion Festival

Brisbane Fashion Festival has cemented its place on the Australian fashion calendar as the first-of-the-season launch for Spring/Summer collections to the rest of the

It showcases the very best local fashion designers, including leading industry names, homegrown favourites, and the brightest talents.

This year marked our 16th participation in the festival, a spectacle that illuminated the runway with a symphony of sequins, bold colours and unparalleled styles, showcasing the epitome of spring and summer. Being part of this extravagant affair, celebrating the essence of fashion, fills us with immense pride.

Anticipation bubbles for the next chapter in 2024's Brisbane Fashion Festival—an event that promises to continue shaping the ever-evolving narrative of fashion excellence.

A Heartfelt Thank You

To our cherished customers, suppliers, and the incredible women in the SACHA DRAKE community, your unwavering support fuels our journey.

While we could reminisce endlessly about the highlights, we extend our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

The anticipation for what lies ahead in 2024 fills us with excitement. We eagerly
await the new adventures and the joy of sharing them with all of you.

With gratitude,
Sacha and the Team! x

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