Prints at Play


Prints are a fantastic way to add vibrancy into your wardrobe with very little effort.
Whether our impartial to them, or love them, they definitely have a place in every wardrobe.

Find out how to pick the best print to match back with your existing wardrobe, and what a printed garment can do for you.


Patterns and colours create visual interest in your outfits. They can add texture and an help to create longer lines through the body.

Fitted patterned dresses are especially flattering as the colour and visual texture smooths and slims the body. Getting dressed is also very easy as a printed piece does most of the taking so accessories can be more minimal, just throw it on and go.

Print on print Is a bold move and can be risky. If your not ready to try mixing patterns just yet then pair back your printed separates with neutral block colours to make your prints shine.


A floral print is a tried and tested favourite and always a winner, especially when done tastefully. They can range from soft and sweet to bold and bright to suit all occasions.

Smaller floral prints give a cute and more relaxed feel, whilst large statement floral prints are perfect for more luxurious events.

The SACHA DRAKE Duchess and Grandiflora Wrap dress are the perfect example of the ultimate floral events piece. A large soft floral design enhanced by pops of pink and blue add dimension and elegance for any occasion.


Have a look at your current wardrobe to see what colours you tend to lean towards. This will then help you to decide which colours to look for in a print that will then match back with your existing wardrobe. You will be more likely to wear your new item and be able to pair it back with styles that you already own and love.

If you have a lot of off-white and light neutrals in your closet, you might consider buying printed or patterned clothes that feature some of these colors, as well as other complementary hues like soft pinks, blues, green, navy, and more.

If your closet includes more intense colors like black, stark white, and bold jewel tones, then your search for patterns might
involve looking for bolder, more vivid prints with these colours.


If your one to just not love a print, then try adding some colour through accessories into your outfit.

A splash of colour in earrings or a necklace will add interest and dimension without being to overwhelming. Try a multi coloured necklace over neutral or black items to give yourself and your outfit a little uplifting.

Pick out one or two shades from your print and use this colour base to choose your accessories. If you follow this then you'll tie your outfit and accessories together to create the perfect outfit.

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