Noir Nights


Welcome to "Noir Nights," where we celebrate the allure and sophistication of
evening events. From black tie affairs to galas and celebrations, this blog unveils the secrets to mastering the art of evening elegance.

Discover the perfect balance of sparkle, classic style, and luxurious details as we explore
Australian designer SACHA DRAKE's evening collection.


When the sun sets, it's time to shine. Elevate your evening outfit with sparkling lurex and sequins that shimmer in the light, adding an extra touch of fun to your ensemble. Unleash your inner diva and exude confidence with SACHA DRAKE's elegant and decadent designs.

From birthday celebrations to intimate soirées, every evening event deserves a touch of luxury. Explore the Lancaster Sequin Dress, (pictured) an epitome of glamour and classic style. With its stretchy fabric ensuring comfort without compromising on elegance, this dress has become a favourite among fashion enthusiasts.


Unravel the mysteries behind the black-tie dress code. Black tie events signify the importance of the occasion, including weddings, awards ceremonies, balls, and galas. While floor-length gowns and tuxedos are traditionally worn, there's room for personal expression. Don't shy away from adding a splash of color or embellishments to your attire. Suiting and jumpsuits can also make a statement as long as they exude polish and sophistication.

If the invitation states "black tie optional," take the opportunity to showcase your style with a slightly more relaxed approach. A formal knee-length cocktail dress can be an excellent alternative to a long gown, while still adhering to the dress code. Strike a balance between elegance and individuality by exploring different lengths and silhouettes.

The Marble Sky Jumpsuit (pictured) is the perfect new age black tie ensemble with the perfect amount of chic and glamour.


Elevate your evening ensemble with the perfect finishing touches. Experiment with sparkles and jewel tones to create a captivating look.

Gold-toned hardware adds a sophisticated feel, while silver sparkle exudes decadence and glamour. Let your accessories and jewellery enhance your overall aesthetic, ensuring a memorable and enchanting appearance.

Embrace the elegance and allure of "Noir Nights" as you navigate the world of evening events. With SACHA DRAKE's evening
collection as your guide, make a lasting impression with your ensemble.

Remember, the key to achieving the perfect look lies in balancing classic style with personal flair. Now, go forth and shine at your next black tie affair!

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