Happy Mother’s Day to all the hardworking, amazing and inspiring mothers out there!
We know how hard but rewarding being a mum can be, and one day just doesn’t seem
like enough to celebrate all that you do!

Whether you find yourself going out for high tea, attending school events, or spending the
day with family, we have the perfect piece for you to celebrate with your loved ones. 

Choose from luxurious easy-wear and care stretch jersey fabrics to spend the day in comfort, or show-stopping prints for a little extra wow factor.


There are usually many high tea and luncheon events offered by schools for the Mums to come together and enjoy some great food and conversation.

Most of these are large-scale events with great catering and an equally great outfit is required. Keep it laid back in style but rich with fabrics, colour and embellishments to dress it up for the perfect sophisticated daytime glamour.

Schools will also hold Mother's day stalls which has a variery of arts and crafts on display to purchase. Pop the date in Dad's calendar so that the kids can be sent off fully prepared to pick out a little gift for Mum.

We love the Bird of paradise Dress (pictured) for the perfect Mother's Day school event.


Mother’s Day falls during Autumn which can mean cooler mornings but beautiful warmer daysmaking it perfect for the outdoors.

Pack some sandwiches, a bottle of wine, some snacks and make some memories in the sun. This is Great if you just want a
relaxed day with the family or, if you have younger siblings or children that can enjoy some lawn games and nearby parks.

If you don’t have time to plan anything, just pop to the supermarket and pack a little basket of food for the perfect picnic in the park day.

The Butterfly Brooch Dress (pictured) is stretchy, comfortable, and the longer length makes it easy to sit on picnic rugs- A must have for your Mother's Day picnic.


If you're expecting or have recently become a mum, then congratulations on celebrating your first Mother's Day. A nice breakfast or lunch is the perfect way to celebrate between naps and feedings with your little one.

There's no doubt that our bodies can do amazing things, and the changes it endues can make dressing a completely new task to navigate.

At SACHA DRAKE, we have a variety of styles that complement a growing baby bump that can then be worn again after pregnancy, thus creating extra versatility in your wardrobe.

Easy access styles are also paramount for new breastfeeding mums to help you feel confident to feed on the go. We love Wrap styles and button down shirtmaker styles for the easy access and comfort to feed bub anywhere and anytime.

Our favourite pregnancy and breastfeeding dress is the Soule Park Shirtmaker Dress (Pictured). Wear it open with a pregnancy bodycon dress, and then as a breastfeeding friendly button down dress once bub arrives.

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