It's in the Details


How many times have you loved a garment, only to then look at it and then think it won’t work for your body? Sacha has carefully designed and included extra details in her garments which make them more wearable and ensure you feel more comfortable and confident every time.

Here are a few details that you might not have known about her classic and timeless designs.


If you love a wrap-style cocktail dress but are hesitant to try one due to a larger bust, then this hidden detail is for you.

On the inside of Sacha's evening wrap designs you will find a hidden tuck of fabric that can be ‘un-tucked’ for more bust coverage and crossover room. This ensures this beautiful garment will flatter all bust sizes and won’t gape open making you feel confident to rock a wrap dress every time

SACHA DRAKE’s cocktail wrap dresses usually come with a slip underneath. If you’re finding the extra fabric still isn’t working for the coverage you like, then turn the under slip back-to-front for extra fabric coverage over the bust. This little trick has made many women able to wear a wrap dress when they might not have felt confident to otherwise.

The Vivienne Wrap Dress (pictured) is the perfect example of a wrap dress with extra hidden bust coverage.


Versatility is key for Sacha when designing and getting two outfits in one is a win for everyone. SACHA DRAKE's reversible styles will have two different necklines: one higher boat-neck and one lower V-neck which ensures everyone's tastes and modesty are catered for.

Reversible styles are also great for capsule wardrobes as you get two looks in one, wear it, then reverse it and no one will even know its the exact same dress.

Most importantly, reversible dresses will also cater to all bust sizes. Women with larger busts may prefer a lower neckline to avoid a 'shelf' feel and smaller busts may change between both. Once again, a detail that's designed to fit and flatter everyone.

Pictured is the Reverse Wrap Dress (Navy) worn boat-neck. This style can also be worn reversed with a V-neck option.


If you love a style that flatters the tummy, then this detail is for you. A lot of Sacha’s jersey fabric dresses and tops have the fabric ruched or tied through the torso which is no accident. This gathering creates drape and texture over the tummy which in turn minimises it.

Her faux wrap designs are a great example of this as they are fitted on the body and then have the perfect drape to disguise the tummy and leave you feeling proportionate and fabulous.

The Emporium Dress Sapphire (pictured) has fabric gathers incorporated into the design to sculpt and enhance the body and add ease of fit to a more slimline style dress.


You'll find most of SACHA DRAKE'S cocktail, race day and work dresses will have a belted or loose wearing option to ensure all body shapes are catered for.

This in turn also ensures a flexible fit through the waist which is perfect for a more column body shape or thicker waist/ tummy.

Wear loose for a relaxed fit and feel and use the tie belts to create a more hourglass shape through the waist if desired.

The Marble Sky Jumpsuit (pictured) is the perfect example of a garment that can be worn loose, or you can add the self tie belt to create more definition through the body.

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