Elegance Through Craft

Quality Through Craftmanship

When you hold a SACHA DRAKE garment in your hands, you embrace the culmination of an amazing journey.
Each piece is hand-designed and undergoes multiple fittings and fabric selection processes to ensure the highest quality is then passed onto you.
Crafted with exceptional care and attention to detail, our garments are not only made to last but are also designed to offer you the best fit and
quality standards

Designed for you

As a size 14 pear shape, Sacha understands bodies- especially women's bodies.
A woman's body can undergo significant changes throughout her lifetime, and our mission is to ensure everybody feels confident and beautiful at any stage.

Sacha considers factors like larger busts, tummies, and hormonal changes when designing our practical yet stunning pieces. Our wrap dresses feature hidden fabric tucks for added bust coverage, while cottons and natural fibres cater to warmer climates and hormonal changes.

Gathers and drapes enhance tummy confidence, whilst our body shape categories help you to find the perfect outfit tailored to your unique shape.

Fabrics that last

We are always searching for the most premium fabrics that are durable, washable and most importantly, comfortable.

Flexible fit in garments not only adds wearability, but means you want to get up and put them on for comfort and ease.

Our fabrics go through tests such as washing, scrunching, and dry cleaning to ensure that the garment you receive is of the highest quality.

Sacha also seeks out the most captivating prints and patterns which the SACHA DRAKE brand is renowned for. She also works with the team to create her own prints ensuring you receive a truly unique and exclusive garment.

Flawless Fits

To create the perfect fit, Sacha personally oversees multiple fitting sessions during the design process. This ensures our garments are tailored for real bodies, not mannequins, providing a realistic view of how they will look on you.

Elements like arm movements, length, pleats, and gathers are carefully designed and adjusted until the stunning styles you see online, and in-store are achieved.

Once a garment arrives, it is tried on across various sizes to
ensure consistency and readiness just for you.

More than a garment

When you purchase a SACHA DRAKE garment, you're investing in more than just a dress. Each piece embodies the quality and craftsmanship we pride ourselves on.

From selecting fabrics to perfecting fits throughout countless fittings, our goal is to create timeless, elegant designs that will remain cherished staples in your wardrobe for many years to come. We hope that you love your new SACHA DRAKE garment as much as Sacha and the team have enjoyed creating it for you.

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