Decode the Dress Code

Dressing for your invitation

There are many ways in which our loved ones are tying the
knot and wedding dress codes can range from black tie, formal, cocktail, and
smart casual. We're here to help you choose the perfect outfit for this special
day to ensure you look and feel amazing.

Black Tie

Black Tie is the epitome of formal and is traditionally an evening wedding. Picture ladies mingling in floor length gowns and gentlemen in tuxedos with bow ties. This luxurious event calls for dresses that are long and cover the ankle or sweep the floor and can be adorned with feather boleros and sophisticated shawls. Pair your outfit back with sparkling gems and elegant heels but keep accessories to a minimum and let that beautiful dress shine! 

Traditionally black-tie outfits were in darker hues, however these days colour and embellishments are welcomed especially if it's a more relaxed outdoor venue. 

The SACHA DRAKE Valedictory Dress is the perfect amount of sophistication and sparkle for your next black-tie event. 


A formal wedding dress code is a more relaxed version of black tie, but still dressier than a cocktail event. Floor length evening gowns are still encouraged;however, gowns can be more colourful and relaxed in style. No one will think twice if you wear a cocktail dress, especially if the wedding is in amore relaxed setting, however, be sure to keep the dress below the knee and in a more structured style. Pant suits and jumpsuits are also welcomed in a formal setting and be sure to have fun with sequins and colour.

The Billionaires Wife Dress is perfect for a formal wedding with its longer length and gentle blue hues.


Cocktail weddings usually offer a lot more flexibility with what to wear and can be matched more to the venue. Envision colorful and floaty knee length dresses and jumpsuits for garden weddings, or more embellished and structured knee length dresses for indoor and church weddings. It’s also important to match your shoes to the venue, opt for thicker heels or wedges for an outdoor wedding so that your not pulling up the grass on every step (both your shoes and the venue will thank you for it)

The Orange Grove Midi Dress has the colour to wow and the style that's perfect for a cocktail Dress code. With its easy wrap and tie waisted style, it'll keep you comfortable as well as chic.

Smart Casual

A smart casual dress code falls between cocktail and casual and can be more relaxed in style. Consider the time of the wedding and it will help you with what will be appropriate to wear. Lighter colours and more relaxed loose-fit dresses are perfect for day weddings and a casual feel. As relaxed as this dress code is, be sure to not to go to casual and leave the jeans at home. Pair back dresses and jumpsuits with low heels, wedges or statement flats especially if the wedding takes place outside.

The Coco Palm Resort dress paired back with some wedge heels or flats makes for the perfect smart casual wedding outfit. easily dressed up or down you'll be reaching for this style time and time again.

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