Sacha Drake started designing and making clothes over 17 years ago in Brisbane, Queensland. Since then the company has grown to 5 Brisbane stores, 70 wholesale stockists, an established Ecommerce store and online department stores such as TVSN, Birdsnest and the Iconic.

THE SACHA DRAKE brand is passionate about delivering products that are designed and made in Australia. Here are a few reasons why this is so important to us and our customers:

1. Local Economy

SACHA DRAKE is very proud to be supporting the Australian economy. Hiring local means that jobs are kept within Australia and money is put back into the economy to support our communities. Australian owned Business profits also go back into taxes which in turn pays for our ever-developing infrastructure.

2. Industry Jobs

We are very passionate about supporting an industry that will see the next generation of Pattern makers, designers, machinists and garment construction workers thrive. Our Brisbane based studio is filled with skilled people who continuously create amazing work for our industry.

Many fashion students intern for us and get a real understanding of how a fashion business works. They learn valuable skills that lead them to start their careers after studying. If there are no jobs available, then there is nowhere for them to use their skills.

3. Designed For You!

An Australian designer means that we have a closer connection to our customers and their needs. We can be reactive to the Australian climate and source fabrications that are ideal for our lifestyle. Lightweight jerseys and cottons are perfect for our hotter climates whilst lighter layers are perfect for Winter. We can also tailor the fit of the garment to more suit the everyday Australian Women.

4. Nimble in Business

Fashion is a highly reactive industry and being quick to address our customers’ needs is key. If a style sells out and is in high demand, local production means we can turn production around quickly and in shorter time frames. This means that you get the finished product quicker!

5. Important Partnerships

As much as we would love to be 100% Australian made it’s not always possible. We work closely with our overseas manufacturers to ensure that the highest quality and consistency of the brand is upheld to our standards. Sacha frequently visits our international partners to continue to grow relationships and to source the best textiles. Our Australian makers have been working with us for over a decade and we have had the joy of working with some of the most skilled people locally.

Together as a team, we continue to create products that we are passionate about. This is our commitment to quality and keeping it Australian.

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