In Love with the Shape of YOU!

In Love with the Shape of YOU!

How Many times have you found a dress that you love, only to then get to the fitting room and find it all wrong? This might be because its just not the right style for your Bodyshape.

You might have a few spare minutes before the bus arrives, screaming children, or school pickup is fast approaching! We understand your time is precious and want to make sure your equipped to choose the perfect garment for your shape every time, no matter how much time!


Do you have a narrow waist?
Are your hips and shoulders in proportion to each other?
Do you have thinner and shapely thighs?
If you answered yes to the above, then you most likely have an HOURGLASS shape.


To accentuate that beautiful proportionate body, choose styles that are fitted to show off your waist and feminine curves.


Does your torso go straight up and down with little to no curve in the waist?
Do you have a flatter tummy?
Do you have a small to medium bust?
If you answered yes to the above, then you most likely have a Column Body shape.


Column Bodyshapes tend to need a little more room through the waist. Choose styles that are loose through the torso but can be belted to fit, or stretchy fitted styles. Choose pants or skirts with stretch waistbands.


Do you tend to have wider hips in proportion to your shoulders?
Do you have a smaller bust?
Are you narrow through the torso/ shoulders?
If you answered yes to the above, then you are most likely are a Pear Bodyshape.


Pear Bodyshapes look fantastic in fit and flare styles. Choose styles that are fitted through the waist and then flare out and drape over the hips. Fitted tops and A-line skirts are also a fantastic option.


Do you have a larger bust?
Do you have a rounder tummy?
Do you have shapely legs?
If you answered yes to the above, then you are most likely are an Apple Bodyshape.


Empire line styles that fall from the bust look fabulous on Apples. Choose open necklines and ruched or draped garments through the body. Blouses with fitted pants are also a great and flattering option.


You will find your body changing through the different stages of pregnancy. During your last trimester you might find that your bump suddenly pops out and is harder to dress.


Soft stretchy dresses will grow with your bump through your pregnancy. You might like empire styles to create shape through the bust and voluminous styles to drape over your bump with comfort and ease. Fitted stretchy styles will also show off your bump whilst giving you more shape.

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