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Showing 1 to 12 of 16

Modern black dresses for women with curves

The black dress is an iconic design that deserves to be celebrated on every woman’s body. Effortlessly bringing out the beauty of your own silhouette, each style makes a statement through various cuts, styles and intricate detailing.

From black maxi dresses to formal options, our figure-flattering creations are the epitome of style and functionality. You are a woman of this modern world, and it’s our business to help you find your perfect piece to feel fabulous in, wherever your lifestyle takes you.

From the workplace to the weekend, our cuts are designed to showcase your shape in all you feminine glory.

Black dresses for women – elegant beauty at its best

The art of draping clothes to flatter the female figure is nothing new to us. For SACHA DRAKE, it’s the beginning of every new creation. We believe you should be able to flaunt all the best parts of your silhouette through timeless, sophisticated designs that flatter from top to bottom.

Black jersey dresses are a particular favourite of ours and look effortlessly chic and modern wherever you take them. Skimming your figure with sleek, streamlined fits, the overall look is a put-together, timeless statement that brings out the best in your silhouette.

Sacha’s quest is to help you express yourself through clothing that is an absolute dream for your figure. The black jersey dresses in our collection are a quintessential staple for every woman; accentuating not only the body but the real you behind it. It's a natural sense of elegance that brings forth your best through comfort and stylish details that shine on you.

Find your fit in Sasha’s black dresses online

We’re all about the modern woman. We know her shape, what styles suit her, and exactly how to rock beautiful pieces that reflect her beauty. To keep dressing you simple and our collections accessible Our collection is sold through our easy-to-use website. This allows you to get the best of our iconic range from the comfort of your own home.

It’s Sasha’s dream to bring out every lady’s curves and shape and get them acquainted with what flatters their femininity. While you may already be empowered in your own style, body, and beauty, there might yet be more to explore in your journey through fashion.