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Capsule Wardrobe


A carefully curated capsule wardrobe will save you time and effort when choosing what to wear. Here are our top 5 items that create the perfect mini capsule to see you through all seasons.

Iris Cap Sleeve Dress (Black).

Every capsule wardrobe starts with a little black dress. The Iris Sleeveless Dress dress is perfect for both work and events and can be dressed up and down depending on your occasion.

Styling for the cooler months
Wear with the Classic White Shirt underneath and add tights, boots and the Puccini Jacket for warmth.

Styling for the Warmer months
Wear as is or pair with the Classic White Shirt underneath

Iris DressIris Dress and Puccini Jacket

Classic Shirt (White)

A white button up shirt is a wardrobe staple and a necessity in a capsule wardrobe. Layer it up and down to suit your season.

Styling for the cooler months
Pair with the Skinny Pant (Black and Navy) and wear with knee high boots, a jacket and scarf.

Styling for the warmer months
Wear tucked into the pencil skirt for work, and wear with rolled up sleeves and the High Rise Jeans on the weekend.

Classic ShirtClassic Shirt

Skinny Pant (Black and Navy)

The Skinny pant is one of our bestselling styles and it’s easy to see why. Wear on the weekend, to work and events. One pant can really do it all.

Styling for the cooler months
Add knee high boots and The Puccini jacket for extra warmth

Styling for the Warmer months
Wear with the High Neck Tie Top for an evening look, and with the Cap Sleeve Top on the weekends

Skinny Pant (Black)Skinny Pant

Reverse Wrap Dress (Navy)

This reversible style is giving you two dresses in one, wear Boat-neck or V-neck. It’s stretch fabric will also keep you comfortable with wherever the day takes you.

Styling for the cooler months
Wear with tights and or knee-high boots for added warmth. Don’t forget your jacket and scarf.

Styling for the Warmer months
Wear as is with Slides, heels or sneakers.

Reverse Wrap DressReverse Wrap Dress

Column Drape Dress (Black and Navy)

Perfect for all shapes and easy wear and care. This style can be worn either Boat-neck or V-neck so you’re already getting two dresses in one.

Styling for the cooler months
Wear through Winter layered with the Tulio Shirtmaker Dress or with the 3/4 sleeve tops underneath 

Styling for the Warmer months
Wear casually with slides, add heels for events and wear with sneakers on the weekend.

Column Drape DressColumn Drape Dress and Tullio Shirtmaker


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